Atmospheres of the table. Captured.

Share yours with the new tableware collection Raami

Raami is our new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison. Raami – Finnish for ‘frame’ – gives space for the shared, lasting moments. The carefully composed pieces of the collection work together to promote a good atmosphere around the table, from the morning to the night, in every occasion. Start seeing the atmospheres in new light with the new Raami.

What will be the atmosphere my Raami carries?

Share yours and get a chance to win Iittala Raami products worth of 250 euros. Photo. Video. Words. Whatever the way, capture it. Use the form below or #atmospherescaptured on Instagram to enter the prize draw.

“What will I remember of this dinner years from now? Weather? Not. Food? Maybe. Guests? Hopefully. The thing I wish to keep in my mind is the atmosphere…”

Capture the atmosphere of your table – win a Raami set

What was the atmosphere when you first set your table with Raami? Or what will it be when you do? What are the things, the feelings, the values, the stories, and the people you want remember? Write it down, share it with us. All stories shared via the form below or on Instagram with the hashtag #atmospherescaptured, will enter a prize draw to win 250 euros worth of Iittala Raami products. Prizes will be drawn monthly among all the atmospheres shared before 30.9.2019.

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“I'm expecting my first child and I started to wonder ‘Will this be the set that my child will remember in 20 years?’ Just like I remember my grandparents' tableware set. You might not think of them consciously, but when you happen to see them you suddenly remember ‘oh yes, we used to eat strawberries and porridge from these in the summer’. It’s a wonderful idea, it really warms me up.”
-Kirsikka Simberg


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